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Jun 3, 2005
Oklahoma City
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I am looking into opening a coffee shack in Oklahoma City, OK.

However local laws consider any establishment that serves milk products to be a restaraunt and thereby must comply with all local health department laws....including a bathroom!

Now that isn't very feasible in a small it?

Has anyone else run into this issue?
each city has different rules. Explain to them that you are a take out establishment...ask to see where it states that if you serve milk it is a restaraunt...good luck
The bathroom thing should be easy enough. A near by business that would be willing to write a letter stating that they would allow you and your employees to use their facilities may work (it does here in Seattle). Another option is to have a HoneyBucket nearby. Feel free to pm me if you need any further assistance. Good Luck!
Hey There J.S.:

Topher is correct, different cities require different things. In fact most cities, ours included require having a health permit for all of those that will be working in your establishment (You are serving the public). You can't fight "City Hall" on this one, they usually don't bend much. In Seattle, the restaruant issue refers primarily to the approximate building size. i.e. if your structure is larger than 1,200 sqft you will be classified as a restaruant, and licensed as such. And Sabranie is correct you may be able to obtain what is known as a "Commissary Letter" for off-site restroom and facilities. However, the requirements may be that you must have a restroom facility within 100-200 ft of your structure. It also appears that nationally most cities (since more are becoming familiar with espresso businesses) are requiring you to have a "Wheelchair Access" as well. These issues can sometimes be quite frustrating, but once you're through them you will be better prepared, and would have made some friends in the city offices. Trust me it works :wink: Throw me a pm.
whoa...Jim you where meaning a restroom for guests right? You have to have one for employees...can you imagine drinking all that coffee and no loo?!! :shock:
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topher said:
whoa...Jim you where meaning a restroom for guests right? You have to have one for employees...can you imagine drinking all that coffee and no loo?!! :shock:

I imagine it is for employees, but is that usual for a shack?

I would have serveral businesses in the same parking lot that all have facilitiies....but it just doesn't sound feasible to have any kind of bathroom (employee or customer) in a shack....
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Coffee Guy said:
Hey Jim:

Shack sounds soooo tacky...We like to refer to them as free-standing drive thrus :wink:

well slap my a$$ and call me tacky! :twisted:

it takes a lot less time to say than "free-standing drive thrus".

Does anyone else that runs "one" have a restroom - either for employees or customers?
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Mocha Psyc said:
[quote="Coffee Guy":2bcscskq]Hey Jim:

Shack sounds soooo tacky...We like to refer to them as free-standing drive thrus :wink:
No No No - you guys have it all wrong. Jim is correct - it's SHACK.
Which as we all know stands for Small Highway Accessible Coffee Kiosk. :wink:[/quote:2bcscskq]

LOL! Thanks Psyc!
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well, as I'll be the main employee....I guess I'm not so concerned with myself too much.

After speaking with the local Health Dept. today....I'm thinking a "shack" (or whatever you want to call it) is not going to be feasible without some major construction - and as I'm going in for as low dollar as possible....I'm now thinking I'm gonna have to look at a bigger building....or something else.....any suggestions?
Try not to get too discouraged.
Last year I was in a situation very
similar to yours...

after talking to City Hall
I was told the same thing but after I
submitted a formal business plan to them
they seem to have forgotten all about it
and never required me to put a HoneyBucket
on my lot.

also, most of these shacks (mine included)
have wheels :) Haha Maybe you can setup
shop just outside city limits? Lot rent is
usually cheaper out there as well.

Btw, 6 months after I opened for business I was
offered a new job opportunity that I could not pass up.
My career in the coffee business was short lived! LOL

I subsequently moved my coffee shop out of town
and I am currently using it for a storage shed.
My brothers asked me if they could use it for
an ice fishing shack this winter!!! Luckily I
had all my stuff packed in there or there would
probably be 4 ice auger holes drilled in the floor...
UGH!!! :O)

My new job required me to move to China for one
year and I am just finishing my stint here in

I am probably going to be moving back to the USA
soon, so if you wanna BUY a coffee shack...
(that is if you don't mind coming to Wisconsin to get it)

I Wish You All the Best Of Luck!


P.S. luckily my shack doesn't look like this yet...


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