coffee while studying...what do you drink?


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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im sure im not the only one, but when i sit down to study i start drinking more and more coffee.

its not to stay awake, or to get me to relax and stick to my work.

i feel "naked" without the pot brewing close to my desk while hitting the books.

what is the prefered coffee...dark or medium roast?

just wondering
I definitely drink more coffee when it's colder outside. I don't drink near as much during summer here when it's 100+ F outside, but I drink both medium and dark roasts when I'm reading or doing projects on the pc and such.
I find that when I study and drink coffee, it's best to drink... *gasp* decaf. :oops:

I know it's kind of a sin, but I too feel naked without the coffee, so I just make decaf my substitute.