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Oct 18, 2006
Old England (UK)
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The new Coffeetime Wiki opened today.

I had used my own website to capture information from the Coffeetime Forum (UK based). But the site had outgrown the web authoring software used to produce it and was becoming more difficult to use as the site increased in size.

I didn't know anything about Wiki's until yesterday and it was all a bit confusing….but the penny has dropped. The Wiki is actually exactly what I was trying to turn the Coffeetime website into, but using the wrong tools and wikidotcom was exactly what I needed. My website was becoming more and more cumbersome, the software wasn't handling it well and it was really hard to get the look/feel I wanted and organise the information with the minimum of ongoing work.

The Wiki idea solved all that for me…..although it's a hell of a lot of work to transfer the content of Coffeetime to the Coffeetime Wiki, but well worth the effort and should be finished in a few more days. It will also allow Coffeetime members to add and amend articles in the Wiki (thank god), which means I am not the only one doing all the work.