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Mar 7, 2003
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Every year computer fanatics converge in Las Vegas, NV. As how computer fanatics that stay up all night go, they love coffee. One of the events at the convention is goin to be a 'coffee war'. I was hoping to promote this forum at the coffee war, and in turn promote one of the coffee forums' members' roast by entering it in the contest for them.

I'd love to hear your interest in this.
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Looks like there is alot of interest from PMs i've gotten...

so here is the deal, I only have one entree form. I may hound someone to get me a few more to accomidate everyone, but if that is not the case it will have to come down to pulling straws. :)

Heck coffee forums might just host our own coffee war in a few months.
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and by the way, if you are a roaster and are interested please still feel free to reply to this post or to PM me for more info! :)
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The deadline for the coffee war is coming up quickly!

So here is what I'll need from you if you want to enter your coffee.

Whole beans - Enough to brew around 3-4 good pots (french press).
Description of the blend and of who roasted it. - I will give props.
No Flavored - not that kind of competition.
No Decaf - Please no decaf.

I will PM you a mailing address for the beans. If I receive 2 or more entrys I will do what I can to enter all of them, but will make a blind choice on which to enter into the competition.

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