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Sep 7, 2014
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Hi people,

I've been working on a little iPhone app to collate recipes for the aeropress, v60 and French press. The recipes will be updated regularly and new brew methods will be added.

Features Include:- Connection to a large database of recipes, free updates for life, get new recipes as soon as they are available and enjoy different coffees (requires an internet connection)
- 3 Brew methods including V60, Aeropress and french press (more coming soon)
- Easy to follow recipe guides, clear concise steps and icons get that perfect coffee every time.
- Hints system allows for extra information in each coffee step below the timer
- Timer system to guide you through the recipe,alerts for each stage of the process, never get the timings wrong again.
- Quick brew select, load the last coffee you made with one button press
- Set your preferred unit for coffee including: Grams,Oz,Tablespoons,Scoops
- Set your preferred units for water including: Grams, Ml, Oz

Grab it here: (unfortunately the forum will not let me post links or images, but searching for "Barista Coffee Boff" on google should give you a link to the app on the itunes store.

There's also a lite version of the app coming soon which is COMPLETELY FREE but has limited recipes and won't feature the updates. I'll post a link to it soon.


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just downloaded the lite version. Great idea! will pass it on to my customers and maybe they will purchase the full version.
Good Luck
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Hi Chast,

Thanks for the kind comments, please do let me know if you can think of anything too improve the app, @beantree, an android version is in the works at the moment, so when we get close i'll post a link here.

Gave the link to several customers and see what they say. Check out the app from Acaia scales. Might get some ides from them. I think it is great as it. Don't over complicate it