Cream curdles in coffee >.>


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Aug 4, 2003
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I know from experience that cream (half and half I'm mainly talking about) and curdle in coffee when:

1) The cream is going sour

2) The temperature difference is too great between coffee and cream (like if I heat up my mug with boiling water first sometimes this can happen)

However I've noticed a 3rd occurrence that I've wondered if anyone else has seen. I've been roasting my own coffee in a freshroast +8 and some coffees produce way more chaff than others. So depending on how light the roast is there can be a bit of residual chaff in the beans after they are roasted. This becomes very apparent when they are ground.

Those 'chaffy' coffees (Honduran Corazene my most recent offender) can often cause cream to curdle.

I'm just not sure how to get the chaff out - besides doing a Full City roast with those types of coffees.

Any ideas or thoughts?

I agree with Pug. Every-once in a while I will get a roast that curdles the cream. Specifically the African roasts. I tell my customers it is the acidic blood soaked soil of Rwanda. LMAO.

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