Cropster and RTDs


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Jul 30, 2006
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Has anyone ever tried or is currently using Cropster that has RTDS in their Roaster. Tried out their 30 day trial and they send you a Phidget 1046 bridge. The instructions tell you to only use two of the three wires. The bridge is really used for load cells and not temp. With modifications of a couple of resistors they say it works. I have two separated RTDs for profiling and my Roaster has its own for running the Roaster. I calibrated all three with a digital thermometer and a ASTM thermometer. Adjusted my offset in the program and started heating. The comparison between the program and the Watlow controller ranges anywhere fro 10 to 20 degrees off on the higher side. Reached out to tech support and after 4 days they told me that since most roasters use TCs and they are not up to speed on RTDS they have no solution. Phidget has a TMP1200 that is especially designed for RTDs and even Artisan supports that but Cropster does not. I have no intentions of changing over to TCs. I use Windows 7 64 bit and I thought that might be the issue especially with Java and I found a small footnote that said has been somewhat successful using W10. A three wire RTD is the most precise in industrial trades except if you really need a 4 wire so why have a system that requires two wires.