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Aug 30, 2005
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I plan to open my shop up in a college town, if I can find a great location I would love to put it right next to the school. I wanted to go largely after the students, like staying open later around midterms and finals week. So that they'd have a nice quiet place to study. This isn't the only customers I would like to attract, and this is UMR. They're not a big party school or anything, its more of a serious school. You have your goof offs... I know from personal experience, I attended that school, but for the most part its pretty serious mature students. I know there wasn't a whole lot of options for me when I wanted to go somewhere to study and would have loved if a coffee shop had been there and allowed me to come in and sit.

Well, some people just opened up a new coffee shop in town and I went by because I wanted to see how they were doing and to get a cup of coffee. Well, I didn't even stop by because when I was driving up there was a bunch of not so nice looking students sitting on their steps. The building looked alright, I would have never put my shop there, but with the kids sitting there, (I'm 22, still a kid.. hahaha, but I also have two kids and a step of my own and married, little bit of a difference between the maturity level, I'd hope.), I really didn't want to go in, to go past those kids. They didn't really look like college students but I don't know.

My question is this.. sorry I'm long winded, but am I wrong to want to market the students? Is what I experienced with this other shop going to be what people are going to experience with mine? Or can I do something like put tables outside if they want to mingle or just ask them to leave?

I'm so torn about what I want to do now.

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