De-Caf Espresso shots extracting too fast


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Feb 7, 2006
Gig Harbor, WA
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Here is my delima, the decaf I roast is extracting wayyyy too fast and is bitter tasting. I have tried roasting at different roast time from a light to a dark roast and then grinding the roasted coffee very fine but still the extraction comes out too fast with very little crema. The green coffee I am using is a swiss water decaf. I might try another green coffee decaf and see if it is the coffee or my roaster does not like to roast decaf coffee.

Regular coffee roasts great in the roast and the extraction comes out just right with the grinder set.

Any ideas or things I can try to see if I can get a longer extraction from our espresso machine which by the way is a Nuova Simonelli, Mac 2000v, 2 group, 220 volt.
Simonelli is a fine piece of equipment...I'd be totally surprised if it were a hardware issue, unless it's the Program VIP and the programming isn't right. Even still, it should be okay.

Adjust the grind. You'll have to waste some coffee, but keep in mind that as the weather changes, so will the performance of your espresso machine. Also, as you adjust the grinder, you have to adjust it while it's running, then shut it off, clean out the doser if you are using one, then grind fresh beans. It's the only way you can accurately check the level of the grind. Too coarse and you're going to get a runny shot.

Decaf does that to me, too. But then, so does Mexican food.
I agree with BeanGrinder. Adjust your grind until is does not extract too fast, then if it does not taste right, check your espresso machine, if still not right, then you can work on the roast. The Sept/Oct issue of Roast Magazine has an article on decaf roasting.

I use water processed Brazil and Sumatra, and MC processed Coasta Rica.
Hey F.R.:

Decafs can be tricky. What I have found over the years it that it is hard to roast a single origin decaf for espresso purposes. So we began blending different decafs until we found a good balance and went with that. Now we don't have problems with getting proper grinds and extremely good cups. El D.P. has a good suggestion on good decafs. Are you blending those El P.D.? What I've found to be a good blend is Sumatra and Colombian, or Guat and Sumatra. Give those a try and let me know what you think? :wink:

Well, my columbian d-caff works fine as a single orgin espresso.....Keep in mind I roast, serve, and a'm a grind freak.....So if I pull a few shot of whatever and determine that it's the bean, roast, the technique or whatever, I usualy can define the problem. I spend at least 10 hrs a week pulling shots, and more roasting......So I guess I'm trying to say "I roast:Thus I serve...hehe
DCaf Espresso

I like La Crema Coffee have a single origin espresso. The grind adjustment is the only way to fine tune your shots pulling to fast.

I have also noticed that the older the roast, the uglier the shots get. We don't let our Decaf hang around our shop for more than 10 days.

Plus, having it single origin, cuts down on inventory & costs.