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Nov 22, 2004
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I think it was about time (no actually, make that long overdue) I de-scaled my beloved Gaggia Espresso. I know that Gaggia does a purposely made de-scaler for their machines. However, this is slightly pricey and also slightly tricky to buy for me as it is not available near me and buying on the internet is tricky as I don't have a credit card.

Nevertheless, nothing but the best for my machine, so if the Gaggia de-scaler is what it takes I will beg,steal or borrow a credit card. I have NO intention of wrecking my machine to save a few bucks. However, I do wonder if Gaggia's own cleaner is something special or just a marketing ploy.

So, has anyone used Gaggia de-scaler? Has anyone used any alternative succesfully and if so what did you use?