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Mar 6, 2006
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a couple of nights ago, I got up at 3:30 am signed in to ebay to try to be high bidder on an Ambex ym 5. missed it by $50. It looked like it had experienced some exciting chaff fires, but I was willing to take a gamble.

now I am strongly considering another roaster on ebay. an Ambex ym2.
my situation is this. live in a rural area, roast in comfy shed at home. take roasted coffee to own coffee shop. I'd like to keep it that way.
With present small roaster, I can only roast about 6# per hour. the Ambex specs state this little guy can roast more like 20# an hour. a considerable improvement.

I am trying to decide if I should face the bank and get new, bigger roaster, or go for the YM 2. even though small, it is a good sized, looks in great shape. bid is up in 3 hours.
I had an Ambex ym2....I loved it!! How do you get away with roasting at home for business purposes? Do you not have room at your shop? It could be a great draw for your shop if people could watch Anyway...good luck!
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I have quite a few more variables now, and am still juggling them, but, this morning at the shop I brewed some of my first efforts and was amazed at the difference in taste.

My shop is a bit crowded right now for the roaster. later, I do hope to move the roasting down there. I live outside city limits, the health dept. has not said anything about where we roast our coffee. When we start to bag and sell beans, I'm sure I will have to have the roasting operation where it can be inspected. But for now, I am just roasting for our shop use, and there is nothing anywhere in the food department handbook about coffee....
I've been told by other roasters in our state that it falls outside the regulations.

Now when we begin roasting in the shop we would need to comply with fire dept. regulations, but unless my neighbors complain, it is still ok to roast in outside city limits.

So all the things I've read and heard mentioned about exaust temp, probe temp, air flow, etc. make more sense now. If I could only remember it all!