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Because English is my first language, my local coffee shop has asked me to help them gather some information on a new roaster for them.

They're looking at a Diedrich roaster, probably around a 3kg batch size. They are currently using a made-in-Taiwan roaster (I can't remember the name, but I know it isn't Yang Jia/Feima).

In a nutshell:

Am I correct in pronouncing it DEED-rick?

What are the main differences between the different Diedrich lines?

What is Diedrich's reputation for durability and quality?

What are the main advantages/disadvantages of Diedrich?

Who are their main competitors?

Where is a good place to do some online research?

I don't need too much detail on any one of the questions, I just need a starting point.

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Thanks. That'll be more of a last step, if it gets that far. Right now I think it would be best to get independent and non-biased information. Any list of customers the manufacturer gives would be ones they're confident will give a good report. I'm looking for the problems as much as the strengths of Diedrich roasters.
I have been using an IR-3 for two years as a sample roaster. It is up for sale, but I have to explain it is NOT because of the roaster. The Diedrich company builds outstanding, high quality roasters. I've worked with a bunch of roasters from different manufacturers, and this machine is by far the best. Having said that, you get what you pay for. The most impressive thing I could say in a nutshell is that the quality of the roast is superb. In two years of use I have never had a scorched bean. I have, unfortunately, burned a batch or two, but when I pay attention, the batch turns out beautifully.

The customer support at Diedrich has been wonderful - they are great folks and very accessible. On a couple of occasions, they have gone above and beyond to get what I needed.

I conclude by mentioning that the roasters is very easy to clean and maintain. That is a huge plus, especially if you roast a lot.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions I haven't answered.