Need advice to decide between Probatone 12 & Buhler 20


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Nov 3, 2019
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Hi all!

I have spent the last few weeks to decide which roaster to upgrade.

Currently I have a 5kg classic drum roaster.

I have two options: Probatone 12 or Buhler Roastmaster 20. From what I understand, those two roasters have different method/style; Probat (Drum Roaster - Semi Hot Air) & Buhler 20 (Drum Roaster - Full Hot Air).

What is the main differences in terms of roasting style & outcome between both roasters? I have no experience on full hot air roaster.

- I focus on roasting commercial to low grade coffee, with only few medium-sized clients who are in specialty coffee.
- My current output is 900kg to 1,200kg monthly.
- I have roasted with few brand of roasters in the past: Toper, Joper, Probat, Giesen, Fuji Royal, Yang Chia (But not Buhler)

Hopefully you guys can help me to decide which roaster suit my needs? Thank you in advance!

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