Differences between EK1 and EK special Robusta ...


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Aug 14, 2008
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Hi ..
Is there any one who can explain m ewhat is exact differences between EK1 and EK Special Indonesian Robuta beans ? Is it only in processing or the beans themselves are different ? what is cup charachtristic of each ? any input appreciated...
What part of Indonesa are the Robutas from? Generally most roasters I know, if using Robusta, will stick with EK1. In reality EK 1 is pretty rare in Indonesia, and I have yet to see any Robusta that I think would be classified as EK1+ . I would venture to say that if the Robusta is from Lampung, it would struggle to even be clssified, by an overseas broker, as anything better than grade 2!!! In general terms Robusta is Robusta. The variations in origins are no where near as pronounced as say cupping an Arabica from Aceh vs an Arabica from Toraja- even if the varietals are identical. I could however say, in general mind you, that if you are looking a robusta EK1- something from East Indonesia will generally cup sweeter than the South Sumatran and Central Java Robustas. None of us want to put down Robusta as a cultivar, but I would expect that apart from some of the Southern European and Asian posters on this forum, very few have actually cupped Robusta, let alone use it outside of a minor role in blending (if at all).