displaying coffee beans

caffe lover

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May 3, 2006
Another newbie with questions. I'm getting ready to open in about a month. I've rented a beautiful victorian house with 2 built-in pantries. The pantries are in the perfect location for merchandising. I've ordered mugs, and I definitely want to sell whole bean coffee. What is the best way to display them (glass jars with or without seals,etc)? We wanted to use gravity dispensers, but our landlord wouldn't let us modify the shelving. What else would you suggest selling? Our menu includes specialty coffees, teas, baked goods (specializing in cheesecakes), and a few sandwiches. I've used quite a bit of the advise given in the past to help guide me to this point. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer these forum questions. I hope after I'm established and confident in my knowledge I'll be able to return the help.

Juliann Castell

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Apr 25, 2006
other food thoughts

What about:
- nice quiches?
- large, baked potatoes stuffed with interesting things...
- crunchy breads (olive, pesto etc.)
- hearty soups and light soups..



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Jan 5, 2006
Seattle, WA
My advice is to keep it simple. It sounds like you have the location and your menu sounds great as is. Coffee accessories such as tampers, grinders, machines, stove top espresso makers, tea strainers, and ceramic storage jars are always nice too. I would suggest just making sure everything is top notch to start out with, add more later if you feel the need and the customer base is there. Good luck!


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Oct 18, 2004
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