Double Chocolate Mocha

Jan 18, 2008
As much as I love/need/desire coffee, I also enjoy anything with chocolate, as I'm sure many of you do as well.

I can't seem to find a decent chocolate discussion forum. There are a few out there, but who wants to hear about how one eats her twix bar one layer at a time?
I mean serious stuff, such as how to prepare chocolate for dipping, chocolate fountains, chocolate sauces and syrups, etc.

Could someone please direct me to a good chocolate forum?

(I hope the "coffee people!!! coffee!!!" girl doesn't gripe at me for this).


Nov 23, 2007
"The way life should be"
Chocolate forums

You see Mr. Biscotto, your problem is that you are male. I have a wife and three daughters. They have an internal radar that instinctively directs them to chocolate. I'm sure they can help you. I'll check.

Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate. But I don't ever crave it. I'm told it's a hormonal thing. I get the strong impression that when they want chocolate, my only acceptable response is, 'yes dear'. It can be really dangerous around here when chocolate is consumed.

So it may be risky, but I will ask. You've got to remember, the only thing scarier than a Centaurian Alien Cannibal is a woman in NEED of chocolate. Yikes! ':shock:'

Jan 18, 2008
I don't know about the woman thing, my ex was not a fan of chocolate.

It's part of why I got into baking and pastries, years (and years) ago. Heck, even the color and texture of chocolate is warm and inviting.

There are some cool cocoa beans photos I could post here, but don't want to confuse members of this forum who are looking for coffee beans. They look very similar in size, shape and color.

Anyway, I never found a decent chocolate forum to take good notes from. I guess I figured that members here from coffee shops and cafes would have an interest in chocolate, if they make chocolate pastries, mocha drinks, etc. and could point me in the right direction.

:D Thanks MakoShark. :D

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