drive thru architecture


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Mar 16, 2007
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Does anyone know of a good resource or have any good ideas/pictures of creative design for drive thru buildings? I just bought an existing building and I'm switching it to way better coffee and upgrading the equipment. Nearly every drive thru around here has bad coffee.

I want my shop to have the appearance of higher quality to people driving by. Here are some photos of what it looks like now.




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Mar 29, 2007
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If this were my drive-thru, this is what I would do:

1. Get rid of the red awning; repaint the red trim a different color (maybe a cream)

2. Paint the main part of the building a very light brown (like the background color of your picture on this forum).

3. Get rid of the plastic white criss-cross edging on the bottom of the building and replace it with something else (a home improvement store may be able to help you find an alternative - maybe some creative landscaping).

I think what mainly looks "bad coffee" about this building are the colors.

I hope I helped!