Espresso/Americano drinker looking to diversify


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Oct 16, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Hello all. I have a Grimac espresso machine (with the pods), so I mainly drink espresso and Americanos. Recently I've been drinking more Americanos cause tehy produce a bigger drink, but I usually make them about 50% water and 50% espresso with no milk or sugar. I am looking to diversify and find some good alternatives that produce good and strong coffee. Wikipedia has a good article (, but they don't really compare strength or differences between the outcome of the various methods a whole lot.

Can anyone explain some of the differences between the outcome of various methods or provide a good link? Also any personal suggestions? So far French Press, Turkish, "Cowboy" and Indonesian way look pretty interesting, but I'm not quite sure how their resulting product differs from Espresso/Americano.


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Jan 3, 2007
I have a French press at home and have had Americanos and espresso from Starbucks. So far I don't think a coffee made with a French press can compare to a good espressor or Americano. But, that said, I would say this about a French press; it is superior to drip brewing as far as getting a more flavorful cup of coffee. The downside is that you are likely to get sediment in your coffee with a French press.