For Sale: Huky 500T with many New Parts


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Jan 1, 2020
Fredericksburg VA
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Link to pictures:

Base Package (my original base order):

$1,180 500T 72rpm solid drum with quick connect. BT ET & MET all digital probe.
$99 Propane ir stove
$18 Extra probe for MET
$16 Extra sieve/tray
$49 Extra fan
$14 Extra funnel
$99 Variac Transformer
$50. Phidget Temperature probe

$186 Shipping

$1,710. Total

Extra Parts (All New, Never used):
1. 3 extra probes ($60)
2. Extra tray ($16)
3. Extra funnel ($14)
4. Extra fan ($50)
5. Extra motor set ($80)
6. Extra drum, solid ($99)
7. Extra infrared stove ($99)
8. Total value of extras: $413


$1,710 Original package with extras
$413 Total of New parts, never used
$2,123 Total package value

$1,300 Sale price plus shipping (US only)

OK, now I have pictures. The picture with the Huky is the original used equipment. I can't seem to attach pictures, so email me your email.

The pictures on the nice kitchen table are the Brand New parts, Never used. In the next few days, I will post price.

Email me at [email protected] with your email for any other questions.

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