FrancisFrancis X1 Thermometer


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Jan 25, 2005
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This is my first post here so if I seem like a noob, it's because I am. After a succession of machines, the latest being a DeLonghi Treviso I'd used for about 9 years, I bought a FrancisFrancis! X1. I bought it at a Dept store closeout place so I was leery about the machines history, but it works like a champ. Seems to be new, there was a little coffee residue in the portafilter but that is all. Made the kind of coffee I remember from being stationed in Italy without all the fuss necessary with the lesser machines. Only problem is that the thermometer on the front is broken, the glass/plastic cover is cracked and the thermometer doesn't work. I can live without it and am careful to refill the boiler after making steam, but I'd like to find one. I called the customer service number and they won't sell me the part. Does anyone know where I can get one?

Oh, what is the preferred method among the cognoscenti, ESE or ground? I think I know the answer, but just in case.