Gano FDA Warning = Gano not welcome at Coffee Forums


New member
Mar 28, 2012
Why should we check ganoderma out? This is a coffee forum, not a medicinal herb forum.

the powers who be have already decided we don't want no ganoderma peddlers coming 'round here.


New member
Mar 3, 2015
Regarding the FDA, I am not a true believer in everything that they say or do, although I am glad that they are there. In contrast to that aren't they the same group who legalized the use of NutraSweet? No wonder those guys are filthy rich! Just thinking out loud.

You kind of wonder the motivation behind the FDA sometimes because of the lobbying going on all the time. I'd stick with their advice on Gano though, but for most other health-related questions I'd ask my doctor

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