Getting over coffee, caffeine addiction


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Mar 7, 2003
Visit site (after the advertisement) has an interesting article that explains a recent study with caffeine withdrawal.

During a trip this year I halted my caffeine consumption cold turkey, (this wasn't on purpose) and that caused some mild conditions to caffeine psychosis until I got back into my coffee habits. I wouldn't dare want to see how it feels to stop drinking coffee cold turkey.

Although some of the supposed symptoms listed such as, nausea and vomiting I think are a little bit excessive to say are attributed to quitting caffeine, the article sums up a believable system to get over caffeine addiction.

The steps to get over a coffee / caffeine addiction are simply to reduce your caffeine consumption per day, do this routinely and consistently until you are down to your goal, either less caffeine or none. If you are having other difficulties, you can try to replace or 'mix' your regular coffee with a decaf blend, this will help you with managing your daily routine.