Grind size influences strength?


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Nov 20, 2008
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Good afternoon,

While developing a new coffee machine I was wondering whether the strenght of the coffee can be controlable influenced by changing the grindsize and grindtime. (using a burr-grinder).

Than it would be possible, while using the same amount of coffee beans, grinding coarse for weak coffee, grind medium for medium strength and fine grindsize for darker coffee.

Does this make any sence? What is your opinion on this matter?

Thanks in advance



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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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hi there

the size of the grind does influence the strength of the coffee.
beans of the same roast can be used for different types of you already know.
the finer your coffee, the more contact it makes with the water...the coarser your grind...the less contact it makes with it...
you can have a realy strong roast but if your grind is wrong you can make a realy weak cup of coffee.

lol...size does matter :wink: