Handling credit card payment/tips in a drive-thru situation.


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Jul 25, 2016
Asheville, NC
In a few cafe's that I frequent, their POS terminal is an ipad. Once the barista or customer swipes their credit card, there is a screen that pops up for 15%/18%/20%/No Tip, receipt/no receipt, and signature. I'm interested to replicate this process but for a drive-thru only business. I've talked to a cafe owner who mentioned that once they switched to the above system that the tips for their Barista increased. While I don't want to force the feeling of having to tip onto my customers, I do want to do whatever I can on my side to help increase the tips that would be coming in. I also like the idea of not having paper receipts to sign and only print receipts when the customer actually wants one.

Any thoughts or recommendations on how to go about this? Was thinking about going gas station style and hand the customer an ipad that is chained to a cinder block. Well not exactly, but they have brackets that go around an ipad with a swivel arm:

Well I can't post links yet, but if you google Ipad reach mount you'll see what I'm talking about.