Help Please: Questions About Toll Roasting / Private Label Coffee


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Jun 1, 2019
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Hey all. New member here. I've been looking at getting into the coffee business for some time now. It would be an online store that I scale up with using social media/ads.
Not sure if there is really a difference between toll roasting and private label, but I've just got one main question.
Shouldn't I find a roaster in my city? I've spoken with a few in different states who would love to have my business but I'm not sure. If anyone would care to shed some light that would be terrific. I'm not new to eCommerce at all btw, I've managed a store and ran Facebook ads and all that, looking to get into a bigger investment start up for the potential. Thanks!
Toll Roasting is typically roasting a customer supplied green coffee and supply in bulk. It's typically not a 'finished' retail ready product - often toll roasted coffee is supplied in bulk bags and the buyer repackaged. Private Labeling is when a roaster will supply you retail ready packaged product.

Honestly, this industry is pretty saturated.. if you're not going to roast yourself (providing a product differentiator) its a tough business.

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