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Mar 7, 2007
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We have large bottles of honey we use in our Chai and have a dickens of a time dispensing it. For those of you who use honey, have you found a successful way to dispense it? Also, what about when your chocolate gets low? We've been using the Monin choc sauces and it seems like such a waste... time and money to get the most out of the bottles.
A jar of honey could be kept near a stove/oven, somewhere that's hot.
It may not be practical for all day use, but keeping the jar in a bowl of hot water during service will keep it soft and it will pour more fluidly.
Sorry, I mis-understood. I thought you want to get the last bit out of a bottle.

If you want to have them for most of the day, get those plastic squeeze bottle people use for ketchup and mustard. Pour honey/chocolate in and cut the tip so the flow rate will work for you. Because the plastic is softer, you can make your drinks faster. Use a shot glass to figure out how many seconds it will take you to squeeze the amount you need. We use Torani chocolate sauce that we keep in the frig, and don't have any problem. Just remember to have multiple bottles lest you run out during rush hours and have to refill.

Oh, are you open on Sunday? We are going to be in NYC and figure we come and see S.R's handy work.
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Thanks, Bill... Actually, my question was two fold. So, you did answer it. We will be here Sunday. This Sunday?

We'd love to see you. And, if you're nice we'll let you play with our Mirage.

Don't hold any of our craziness against SR. He did what he could with us. LOL
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I'm not making any promises about the Anfim, LOL. Sure. We're here from 7A to 6P on Sun. We're still waiting on the roaster. Not sure what's going on with it.
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I tried the hot water, right from my Mirage and it seemed to help a little. I think we need a pump the correct size for the bottle as well. You, know, its all these little things... just time and money keeping me from doing it all. :roll: