How can I find suitable milk for frothing?


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Nov 14, 2004
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Dear folks ~

How can I find suitable milk for frothing?
I am an new international student in NY, and I’ve tried some brands of pasteurized homogenized milk, such as Wegxx or Toxx, but they don’t work very well? Could someone give me any information about this? Thank you

Ps. I use Pavoni professional
i'ts not the milk

have you been trained upon how to properly froth milk? You aren't just dipping the wand into the pitcher, you have to angle it correctly and keep a close eye upon the timing. It's more of a feel type of approach but can and has been automated. Another option you can go with is picking up an auto froth milk machine that does that for you, I vaguely remember running accross one a while ago, so I'm pretty sure you can pick one up with relative ease as well.
I agree with the previous poster. With a little practice, anyone can make normal grocery-store milk froth.

Keep in mind that the lower the fat content, the better froth you will be able to produce.

I'm a barista, and it took me a LOT of practice, but I can even pull a respectable amount of froth from 1/2 & 1/2.