How much money can you make owning a coffee shop?

Oscar Milde

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Aug 20, 2008
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I know the answer is extremely ambiguous, and there is no way of predicting.

However, I''m looking on opening a coffee shop after I get my J.D., and I''m trying to learn as much about the industry as possible. My reason for doing it is definitely my love of coffee, but that isn''t to say that I''m not worried at all about money.

So what is a *likely* range for the profit of a decently established, medium size coffee shop in a normal market?


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Oct 1, 2008
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A million Dollars

It's like the old joke. How do you make a million dollars in the (fill in the blank) business. Start with 2 million.

I think the range is probably from

you lose pretty much everything you invest to

you make 25% of sales.