I'm buying my first espresso machine soon!! Suggestions?


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Jun 15, 2009
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Greetings coffee connoisseurs,
This is my first post to the forums, so bear with me. But I've been drinking coffee for a long time now, and essentially, I'm tired of dropping 3-4 dollars on a latte each day, and by my calculations, I will be able to save money drinking one homemade latte each day for only a few months rather than take a trip to starbucks daily.

So here's where you guys come in; what should I buy? At the moment, I'm almost certain on the Mr. Coffee ECMP-50. It seems like a nice sturdy machine, at an excellent price, with all the things I want and it looks attractive on the counter besides. I'm already decided that I want one that is pump driven, and I'm willing to spend about $150 USD on a new brewing toy. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments? Thanks.
Yeah..... don't get that piece of garbage if you want really good espresso and espresso based drinks. Sorry to be so blunt, but being Mr. Coffee surely doesn't qualify them as knowing what they're doing.

Is that your maximum amount of $$$ right now? A decent machine can be found for maybe $300 (Gaggia is pretty much it in this price range that is nice and capable) and then you must consider a good grinder, tamper, etc. Later!
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alright, definitely something to consider, I was already planning on getting a really nice grinder actually, so hell, why not just go all out on the espresso machine. Thanks man.
If you don't mind me asking... what do you consider a "nice" grinder? The minimum would be something like a Capresso Infinity or Bartaza Maestro. Those are nice home style conical burr grinders and will serve you well. You could also go the hand grinder route, which will give you great consistency for cheap.

The Gaggia line of machines offer the best bang for the buck in all honesty. Most of their models offer really good build quality and nice features, especially in the group and portafilter where it matters alot. Just stay away from the kitchen brand names like Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, etc. Most of it is rebadged garbage IMO. Later!
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Yes, I was actually looking online at purchasing a Gaggia conical burr grinder, but they are somewhat pricy. I myself am only a high school senior, so I don't have copious sums to spend on my coffee habit, but I'm doing what I can. That is why I was looking at the Mr Coffee ECMP 50, because it looked like it would do the job. Don't get me wrong, I do not intend to waste time or money on sub-par equipment, but at the moment I do need to be somewhat feasible; I just went to a starbucks and saw a machine that I liked; the saeco via venezia looks promising. I get 10% off starbucks purchases, and it looks like a solid machine. Any thoughts? Thanks...
Personally I wouldn't bother with that machine. Has the pressurized portafilter and that will just hold you back. I'm sure it will make a decent cup, but leaves alot to be desired IMO. You could find a decent Gaggia for a little more $$$.

Didn't know Gaggia makes a conical burr grinder, but the Capresso Infinity or Baratza Maestro offer good performance for the $$$ and will do espresso pretty good.

For what your budget is, ever thought about just buying a decent conical burr grinder and a french press? That will give you great coffee for cheap. Unless you have to buy a machine that will allow steaming as well. Just don't make the mistake of buying a steam machine like so many of us have.

Give us a little more info and we can offer more as well. Later!
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Today I went ahead and made my decision. I did end up just buying the cheap little Mr. Coffee model, because it serves the purpose for now. However, I decided to order the capresso infinity grinder as you suggested, so I will be getting a nice even grind to use in my rather sub-par espresso machine. Thanks for your advice, and I appreciate the input. I picked up the machine at target, and when the grinder arrives in 3-4 business days I'll use the two in tandem and post about how it turns out.
I only speak from experience as do many others on here. It is best to buy the best you can possibly afford so you don't have to upgrade soon after. I know my journey was a long one to get to where I am now. BUT if that is what you can afford and are willing to understand what it can/can't do then that's all that matters. And I'd say it might just be on par with what Charbux serves anyway and you'll end up pocketing some $$$ in the long run.

The Infinity is a great all-around grinder and will be suited perfectly suited for your new machine. I have even taken my Infinity to work and pulled some shots on the La Marzocco Linea. Is it a commercial grinder? Of course not and only cost about 1/10th the price. But it will certainly grind with really good fineness and consistency. I'm sure you'll like the combo. Good luck and do let us know how you progress. Later!
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Hey, good news! I was walking through Fred Meyer today just getting some clothes, and walked by the espresso machine stuff. After I saw this machine (its a Krups xp4030) and compared it side by side with the one I got, I was blown away. It was a $250 dollar machine, and compared to the one that cost me about 70 there was no comparison. The head was made of stainless steel as opposed to aluminum, the portafilter was almost three times as heavy and more substantial, and it warms on the top. Everything was just all around better. So I went home and just for kicks looked it up on Amazon and to my pleasant surprise, they had it for $79!!
http://www.amazon.com/Krups-XP4030-Espr ... 509&sr=8-1

Even after the $12 shipping or whatever it was, this is an amazing price. Man am I glad I didn't have time to take my mr coffee out of the box yesterday, I'm returning that piece because I just ordered this new one and it'll be here by friday. This is awesome, I can't wait! Oh, and by the way, you were right about the mr coffee machine, it really did feel cheap and insignificant.
Stay Away

I purchased the Mr Coffee maker ECMP50 on 9/12/10, on 5/14/12 the pump failed. It did make pretty decent coffee while it worked, but I would recommend that you avoid this machine. For a coffee machine to only last just over a year and half is an insult; it's another representation of a big corporation wanting big profits by getting something made as cheap as possible in China which in turns ends up not lasting long...but just long enough to get past the 1 year warranty. :mad:
Krups espresso machine

I just recently purchased a Krups 1526 (I may have the numbers wrong, I will go home and double check.. I'm at the cabin for the weekend..) and I know this thread is a few years old, however if you are still on here, I was wondering.. How has your Krups handled for ya???
The Gaggia line of machines offer the best bang for the buck in all honesty. Most of their models offer really good build quality and nice features, especially in the group and portafilter where it matters alot. Just stay away from the kitchen brand names like Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, etc.