It Grinds My Gears But Not My Coffee


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Sep 17, 2009
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First post, and it's probably a dumb question.

I have a La Pavoni La Moka burr grinder that will not turn on this morning, six months after I got it from Amazon. The timer works, but the on/off button does nothing. I've used it from time to time & this is the first problem. Makes me want to get a mechanical grinder.

Do you think I could take my Stumptown & Equal Exhange beans & get them ground at a shop in NYC? I'll try calling the new Stumptown cafe I suppose.

And I'll have to find out where to send this freaking machine to have it's little electrical contact fixed. I am vexed!


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Here's my recommendation... trash it as it's junk anyway. With that being said I'll explain why. Those types of grinders have crappy burrs that spin at high speed and pulverize the beans leaving you with dust and boulders. If you can, buy a decent burr grinder (depending on what you're brewing) and forget this thing. Later!