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Apr 10, 2006
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sorrzy for the stupid word but as a german in new zealand i just have a vague idea of the more formal and elegant word for the person actuallzy making espresso and company NOT the waiter or waitress.

I'll be back in germany in a couple of months and wanted to get a job as a waitress which is not a big thing.
i love all sorts of coffee (ALL) and also love to make coffee for others and am proud to be told to be quite good.
still i have little idea of professional coffeemaking though i would love to learn everything from a long black to latte art

now the question:
if i want to getb a job as a coffeemaker will there be lessons at the coffee i'm going to or do i have to get my knowledge otherwise and how could i do so

thx to all those who can and will answer this and by the way hallo and i'm happy to have found such a nice forum about my favourit topic


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Mar 29, 2005
DFW, Texas
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This is a great place to start gaining some knowledge about being a "coffeemaker" (barista), and wherever you eventually decide to work will most likely train you on exactly how they like things to be done. Good luck!

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