Just bought Gaggia Coffee Delux


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May 12, 2005
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Hey guys, i'm wondering if you could help me. I'm stuck, and i do mean stuck =)

I just received subj from Amazon and i can't be asked to pack it and send it back. The problem is that when i gave it a testdrive and read instruction (i read it before the testdrive, if you ask =) ) i wanted to try to clean it completely, i mean including shower disk. But it just stuck! I can't do anything to unscrew it, i even scrached holes around it acidently...

Here, i took a photo? you canclick on it:

So, i'm trying to unscrew no.1, but it really stuck. It there a way round if i unscrew no.2 and take the pump out somehow (i don't really want to do this =) ) or is there some kind of trick to clean it?

What am i doing wrong? Or am i just the lucky guy to get a bad one?

Thanks in advanced,
I am not so sure about this typ of machine, but generally the set-up on the group head is similar. It should not be too difficult to rmove the screw holding the shower screen to the group head/solenoid. If it is difficult, it might be because when the machine was assembled the factory screwed the shower-screen screw in too tightly. You will probably be dissapointed, behind this screen is just a flat face of metal with 5 holes in it! I would just go ahead and use the machine first and see if the heat in the group head loosens the screw. To clean it initially you could just try back-flushing the machine. Good luck (BTW I am no machine expert....maybe someone other than a roaster should comment on this one :wink: )