Looking at Jura - worth it?


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Jun 23, 2009
I currently got a nespresso machine. I enjoy it but I want something where I can go with different beans, etc. I was at Harrod's (London. I'm based in Poland) and sampled the Jura line. I did enjoy the J5. With the features for grinding and using preground, auto frothing for capps and latte and making a good espresso and strength setting this looks like a good buy. but it is like 7x more than the nespresso.
I don't want a manual one as in the morning I'm barely able to get dressed and if I had to grind, tamp, make, froth, etc I know ill end up screwing it up.
Is it worth it?
Anything similar what it can do, but cheaper?
Any places maybe that sells em online to the EU?
Any recommendations?
Some of our clients use the Impressa (F50's and XS90's). Good solid machines. They have a new super auto out called either the E3 or E5 (I forget). It retails for around $650(ish). I think for the money, for the ability to produce something fast in the cup- these are fine machines. As they are built in Switzerland there must be quite a few online retailers.


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Feb 8, 2005
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Hi there

i considered becoming a agent for jura...one of the better looking machines of its class if you ask me.
the only reason i didnt go for it was becuase not too many people around here would spend such a large amount on coffee machines.
what i can tell you is when i started looking at the machine, i went onto youtube....and there was some pretty impressive reviews on them...especially on the f50!

i very much doubt that you will make a mistake with the jura...as alun said, its made in switzerland, and its reputation is nothing short of brilliant, and there must be plenty of agents around, so services or parts wont be a problem!


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Jun 19, 2009
I have a jura. It makes a wonderful cup of coffee and is extremely easy to maintain. It is quick and has some great options and choices. I actually bought the IMPRESSA C9 One Touch

Google it, its a fantastic machine. and will make you very happy.


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Jun 23, 2009
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Hmm bringing up my old thread..
I can get a Ena 5 out here or a C5 for the same price.
From what Ive read, the E5 would be better, correct?
Does the E5 come with the professional capp frother (that does steamed milk too)?
I have a Ena5 at home...never use it because I also have a 2 group in my kitchen! However, my wife does use it and it produces a good quality cup. We brought ours direct from Jura so we got the proffesional capp/latte attachment with the machine...not sure if it is standard, if additional its not more than US45. Takes a while to get used to using the dial system (dialing in shot strength, volume etc) but the green-yellow-red backlighting to show yes-wait-no(Empty) phases won the other half over. :wink:

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