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Jan 15, 2007
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I am new to this site, just got into the business of coffee importing, I am focused mainly in Nicaraguan coffee beans. I am trying to find ways to roast my cafe, but most of the machines I see online only roast small amounts. I need a machine that roast more than five pounds. Any suggestions where I can go?
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thank you for your help and believe I really do appreciate this , the only problem is that as a starter in this coffee business the roasting machines you provided seem costly. Do you have any sugestions on a roaster that is less than $1500.
Less than $1500 does not even get you in the range of a new (industrial quality) sample roaster with useful controls - much less a micro-batch roaster.
You can try one of the "better" quality home-roasters for sample evaluation. They are not suitable for production nor for sophisticated sample roasting, but you can "get by" with one for green sample quality evaluations and the approval process.
Unless you enlarge your budget, you could search for a long time to find any useable roaster at "fire sales" and bankruptcy auctions. Try searching e-bay and calling the roaster manufacturers to discover a price range of used and refurbished equipment. If you have time to wait, some manufacturers and used equipment dealers will keep you on a "waiting list" for trade-in machinery.
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thanks alot guys for the useful information you have provided to me..........regarding your question I am starting off with 500 pounds of coffee which I am using as samples. Right now I am using the Java Pro CRC indoor. I am roasting five pounds at a time and bagging them at the same time. I just wanted to know if there was something that would do two times this production....