Looking for Bunn Equipment


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Dec 16, 2004
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I am finding the Bunn Airpot Brewers and pots them selves to be pretty expensive in my area. Some roasters will provide you with the machine and 2 airpots and unlimited filters if you sell them your soul in exclusivity with their coffee. I am not looking to be bound like that and fear the used equipment on ebay for this important purchase. Can anyone reccom an online soucre that may present me with a better price then $625 for a 220v brewer and no airpot included? I need a few breaks here.


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Sep 21, 2004
Santa Clara, CA
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where are you located? You should talk with the coffee roaster you have chosen and ask them about equipment discounts. We do NOT provide equipment usually for the very same reasons you mentioned. But we do give very sizeable discounts on them to our customers. We also have a great line on some awesome refurbed equipment from Fetco and American metalware that we pas along to our customers.

So talk to your roaster and see what they have. But don't skimp on coffee equipment. you will ALWAYS wish you had better coffee equipment and almost NEVER wish you had a better freezer or triple sink or dishwasher. Buy the best you can get and skimp on everything else if you have to.