Looking ot buy a friend a french press


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Oct 30, 2007
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Hello there.. First time poster here.. Pretty informative forum (I guess there are forums for just about everything )

A friend of mine loves her coffee.. but she is stuck with a second rate drip type machine, store bough pre ground coffee of meager quality, and the minor know how of how to make a good cup..

I want to resolve that. I don''t drink coffee myself on a regular basis but when it comes to doing something right.. I am passionate about it..

I want to get her a starter french press and was thinking about the Bodum Brazil 8 cup model

for a grinder I am hoping to find an affordable burr type.

Now this is all for her birthday on the 21st of november.. I am not looking to spend more than.. ohh 50$ or a little more total.


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Oct 26, 2007
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Get her an Aeropress! MUCH better than a French Press, easier to clean, faster to brew, and makes (arguably) better coffee.
The Aeropress combines the best features of a French Press with those of an Espresso machine. The coffee comes out filtered, very smooth and in record time. It's also perfect for traveling, made of plastic and can take some abuse. If you've ever cleaned out a french press, you'll never want to use it again. The Aeropress pushes out a plug of 'squeeze-dried' coffee and you merely need to rinse the tubes to clean it. Yes, I sell them, but don't take my advice, do a search and see what Ken Davids says. Places like Sur La Table stock them, and there are a zillion on line. List is $30 but everyone discounts them. If you want to give her something special, consider a package with some really nice ARABICA coffee (ground kinda fine between espresso and cone paper) and an Aeropress.