Loose leaf tea questions


New member
Jul 17, 2006
Satellite Beach, Fl
I was reading another thread and saw that several of you only sell loose leaf. The idea appeals to me. Can you tell me how you display it, do you brew it in a press or a tea ball, how you handle to go, and do you sell it in bulk, and anything else you think I should know? Thanks!



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Nov 3, 2004
We have tea listed on our menu board. We also do a private label, so our retail area has tea with our labels on it. On the bar we use Mini-Minit tea bags (like a mini cone shape coffee filter with a hole through the top for a bar straw to go through and set accross the glass). For a to go order we bend the straw in half and stick it through the lid hole, which holds the bag not allowing tea to get in the water and they can let it steep as long as they want taking it with them.

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