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Oct 15, 2005
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I am new to the coffee world. And have been making coffee from my little Wally World Cappuccino machine. I have decided I want to get more into the coffee world. By offering to make mocha's, caps, etc to neighbors. And eventually if I get a good, enough response look into a business. I do not have enough money for a $1,000 machine right now. But would really like a machine I don't have to wait for it to reheat it self and would be able to make alot of shot in the most amount of time I could. Does not have to be to fast. Maybe 1-2 in five minutes? Is a regular espresso machine able to make, say an iced mocha? Or is there a difference. Sorry for the little silly questions, but I did a search and cant find any info. :wink: Any or all answers will be appreciated!

I really can't recomend a machine. However an Iced Moch is just a moch made with espresso shots ( or toddy) cold milk, and ice. Whipped cream is a nice touch. Basically this a how I make Iced drinks: get cup, add flavor, and some milk, stir flavor and milk, and coffee ( espresso or toddy) stir, and ice, stir and serve ( with whip or not)......NOthing special about cold drinks except you don't steam the milk. Actually iced drinks are the easiest.


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May 4, 2005
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Hi You may have solved this by now. If not take a look at the Expobar Office Control or Office Pulser. The pulser is semi automatic the other is automatic. wholelattelove.com has a compare page that is very useful. The Office Pulser [ really dumb name] is 699.00 and suitable for light comercial use. It is a heat exchanger type machine [no waiting for steam or brew water, brew and steam at the same time] with a comercial brew group [58 mm, heavy brass] and a copper boiler. You may also need a better grinder eventually. On the compare page this maching runs neck and neck with machines that are in the 1500.00 dollar range.