Mocha Mouse is in the House! (omg "cheesy" ;D)


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Apr 22, 2009
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Hello all! *^_^* My name is Mouse. No really, everyone calls me that. I love love love mochas and so I am Mocha Mouse. I love coffee with an obsessive and brutal passion. I have a designated drink for whatever mood I am in. ^^

So, this is me introducing myself and saying hello. I am also pretty passionate about hair and esthetics, so my dream business would be a cafe/salon. (Both industries are rather successful regardless of the state of the economy. Everyone's gotta have their hair done and get their caffeine fix xD) There was something like that in the city I live in, but it was a cocktail salon. Hah. I will infect everyone with my coffee obsessed disease.

My husband tells me to lay off the beans. >.>

Nice to meet you all. :}

Mouse ~O8>*

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