My parents

Should you feel obligated to support your parents?

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Oct 21, 2006
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Hello all,

It is my first post :)

I want your thoughts on this:
Do you feel that because your parents may have supported you when you were younger, that you "owe" it to them to support them now?

(Pay the bills they run up etc, just because they did it for you when you were younger and unable to work)



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Dec 3, 2006
Jacksonville, Fl
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It isn't a question of "owe". Its a matter of love. Do you love them?

If you don't, go forth and ignore them. If you do . . . thats up to you.

The simple fact that you're asking the question means something. It means that you desire to rise above them. They may not have "done you right", but you don't truly "hate" them. You recognize their human faults, and now you struggle with that. You want to punish them, but you can't. Its not in your nature. Its not who you are.

You should be proud of that. They made you better than they were. Isn't that what parents are supposed to do?

Not all of the credit goes to them. Some of this . . . most of this, is you. Its what you are. You are a good person. I "know" by virtue of you asking this question. ;)