Naturally Flavored Coffee (where "natural" means real, non-synthetic flavoring)


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May 1, 2012
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Naturally Flavored Coffee (where "natural" means real, non-synthetic flavoring)

I've got a box full of about 50 synthetic flavorings (which means I didn't give the other 220 a try). We came up with some good tasting flavored coffees but at the end of the day (1) there was always a faint chemical aftertaste - says the lovely and talented Roast Mistress with the fantastic taster and (2), the biggest reason, we just didn't feel good about putting more chemicals out there for people to ingest.

So now we're on to flavoring coffee with real flavor additives -- real cinnamon, real cloves, real cardomon, etc., maybe down the road a mixed flavor recipe to create a "spiced coffee".

We've been playing around with the cinnamon for our first flavored coffee. Any ideas out there? We're buying the cinnamon in 5kg bags and grinding it rough. Then mixing it with ground coffee in varying amounts and letting it sit for varying amounts of time, letting the cinnamon infuse into the ground coffee. Since we're just in the testing phase we're leaving all the cinnamon wood chips in the coffee but when retailing we're thinking we'd put the cinnamon in a net bag that we'd remove from the coffee before bagging. That way no debris in the coffee and no finely ground cinnamon separating out of the coffee and falling to the bottom of the bag.

Anyway, that's where we're at so if anyone has been down this road and can help us shorten the trip we'd appreciate your insights.


Nov 12, 2008
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Well, if you are to follow what the Arabs (around here too) do with their coffee, They grind cardommon into/with the coffee at three different strenghts depending on customer requests and let gravity do its worse