Need help finding a good pitcher & cup for National latte art Championship


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Sep 15, 2012
Hello Coffee geeks,Guys i need some help finding a good pitcher with good control on handle and narrow opening for UAE latte art championship. Please suggestions?? I have been using these 2 any one suggest if these are good for latte art??or any thing special i need??Plus cup i been using Inker 8.5 Oz. Can any one please suggest the cup apart from official latte art cup?Cheers


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Dec 7, 2012
Michigan, US
The most popular latte art pitcher seem to be all silver typical pitchers. When I do my latte art, i want something i can control my flow.

Rattleware 12-Ounce Handle Free Macchiato Pitcher: Home & Kitchen:

32 oz Stainless Steel Latte Art Pitcher - Espresso Supply 07011: Home & Kitchen: Mara Ceramic Stoneware 22 Oz. Celestial Blue Latte Mug and Matching Plate(2 Sets): Home & Kitchen

I did search on amazon and did find above.
I am sure you can find great piece at high end kitchenware shops as well.