Need Supplier (Small Order) Bags with Degassing Valve


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Nov 27, 2017
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Good Day All,

I am currently looking for a new bag supplier. I like my current supplier's quality. They just run a little slow sometimes. Since we are so small it makes us look unprofessional in terms of turnaround time.

Does anyone know where you can purchase bags with degassing valves NOT in a palette? We are a TINY company right now and, short of ordering on Amazon, I've not had much luck. I'm talking about these guys below. Specifically Matte Black:


Thank you kindly ahead of time for any recommendations you may be able to provide.

not that I know much about this, but i work in b2b sales and i have a feeling if you pick up the phone and call a few coffee distributors eventually you'll probably find someone who can help you.
Hi LegendaryCoffee. Roastar manufactures custom printed coffee bags with low minimum quantities and the fastest turn around time in the industry. If you're not a designer, no worries. We can hook you up with a designer to create your perfect packaging. We can manufacture bags with lots of different options like a degassing valve, tin tie, tear notch, zipper, etc. You can check out our site at for more info.