need urgent replament advice for Saeco Magic de Luxe


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Nov 6, 2007
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I''ve had my Saeco Magic de Luxe machine for many years, however yesterday i pulled the brewgroup a bit hard and snapped several things off :(

I''ve already had the machine refurbished a couple of years back and reckon its not worth doing again, so I need to decide on a replacement.

Whilst the coffee (either espresso or a long americano+milk) were pretty good, steaming milk was never its strong point - the coffee to steam time took a while and the plastic attachment for the wand never really produced a proper foam

The replacement needs to be another bean-to-cup machine and ideally I''d like something that makes great coffe but also makes milk frothing easier, preferably automatic (for my wife to use).

I''ve had the Jura Impressa C5 recommended by a local roaster (which my wife likes the look of in the platinum) and it has an ''AutoCappuccino'' attachment so it looks like it''ll do what I want - I''m in the UK so that''s about 600-700UKP to buy which is about what I wanted to spend (well, I''d rather I hadn''t broken the Saeco and had to spend nothing but...)

However, there''s also things like the Gaggia Cappuccino X2 which seems to be a ''one press cappuccino'' machine (1000UKP) whereas the Jura one-press machine is at least 1500UKP.

Any comparisons or pointers on any of this to help me make a decision? I''ve searched the forums and not really found that much info on these type of machines.