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Jan 26, 2004
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I help run a flower/gift shop, and we were interested in finding out if we could open a coffee/cafe shop in the back of the gift store. We have the space, and we have an idea of what we want, but we have no idea where to start. What licenses do we need? What are some of the health regulations? If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot.
I do not know anything about the zoning laws in your state/county. But I do know for a fact there is a cafe I used to go to that was 1/2 flower shop, only a divider seperated the two. It made for a very unique cafe atmosphere. They seemed to make it work out well.

I recommend you talk to your local zoning board or just the owner of the property if you rent. They are going to know more about this then us. All I can say is go for it and I want to know when your days as a barista start!
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Thanks a lot for your input. I'll have to check out about the zoning laws in our state and around here. Hopefully there won't be too much of a problem, since my manager co-owns the building we use... Since it's a family business. I never heard of a flower/gift/coffee shop before, so I wasn't sure. Now that you've mentioned that you knew of one, it makes me feel better about it! Thanks again for all your advice.
No Problem.
It does look like there is a great chance for your cafe/gift/flower shop. I hope to hear from you about it and your thoughts. The cafe flower shop I went to out here had some unique drinks and a distinct style, if you think anything like they do, you are a person with very imaginative and original ideas.
Hi JessicaGrace:

Sounds like a great idea. I've seen book stores, produce stands, deli shops, and gas stations with espresso, but not a flower shop. Try the health department, building and zoning departments for a start.

If anything in your town exists like this, these would be the places to start.
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