new beer

Anheuser-Busch might be feeling a drop in sales due to the 'carb' watchers.

Sounds interesting, but there are already enough caffeinated alchoholic beverages on the market.
topher's beer

Hey Topher,

I read the article you reference for the new beer. Interesting concept. With that much ginseng and guarana in ones system they might be less apt to slur their words when wasted! :)

It is kind of interesting the way in which the culture just follows trends of watching carbs etc...
It all just comes down to simple mathematics. Keep your intake at the same level of your output and counting carbs is no longer a problem.

Hopefully the unpublicized key to this beer would be that the additive of ginseng and the guarana would keep a person hyped up enough then to burn off the higher carb levels of beer itself.

And, it seems that until they make beer 80 proof or a higher percentage of volume for the alcohol, it will be very hard to compete with the market they are trying to match.

Let me know if you try it out anytime soon.

I'd be curious as to how it matches up.
Samuel Adams makes a 50 proof beer. It is in the Utopia Collection.

It's beer you want to enjoy sober. I can't imagine adding ginko, gensing, or any of those other medicinal marketing herbs.

They're clearly not going for the Utopia crowd. Maybe they'll try alcohol fortified beer. It's like fortified bread, only CH3CH20H instead of iron and niacin.

Really interesting page on how brewers measure alcohol content in beer: