New Coffee Kiosk Owner


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Mar 5, 2009
hi everyone,
I opened up a new Coffee Kiosk at a local mall. I have been opened for 3 weeks now and I need some advertising tips. I boosted my sales for a day when I passed out 10% off coupons, and further boosted my sales another day by passing out a menu to the surrounding stores. But the day after was slow again. I was thinking about Putting up a poster sign in the center court about the grand opening. I will also make discount cards and pass them out(buy 9 get 10th for free). hopefully that will work. I think I just need to remind everyone in the mall that we are there.

Any suggestions of what else I should be doing. Any advertising help, criticism? Our coffee, and espresso drinks are great. we get compliments on them.


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Apr 1, 2009
We started a special for a small Vanilla, Caramel or Mocha latte for $1.95. It's a small enough price that you will get people to try your drinks. We have had many customers become regular customers because of it. The trick is to get them there and then point out your other drinks that are more than the $1.95 latte. We don't mix the flavors or anything, it's a simple vanilla latte for example. If they want to mix vanilla and caramel, it's the full price. It's worked for us. . .but I'm not in a mall, I'm in a strip mall. It will at least get people to try your drinks, and hopefully become regular customers.

Good luck