New Entrepeneur Questions


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Dec 13, 2007
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Hello. I am looking to purchase a coffee van in the new future, and I have a few questions about the biz.

1. Does anyone have a suggestion as to the best companies for buying equipped vans or trailers? Or trailers, sprinters, vans the best, most endurable bet. What does a fully equipped vehicle cost in general?

2. If you plan on vending at events and festivals, do you need to book in advance? If there are other coffee carts there, is there is a limit as to how many can show up, and if this is the case is the market saturated with coffee venders in the event/festival arena already?

3. If one is committed and finds events with high traffic volume on a regular basis, what can one expect in terms of profit?

4. Does anyone have any suggestions about books for people who want to crack the mobile coffee cart biz such as mobile coffee shops for dummies, etc?