Help Please: Need suggestions for generator power for Astoria 2 Group and other items


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Hi all, I am new to this site and love the forum posts I have read so far.
I have a question - I am starting a mobile coffee cart business in the UK and am requiring a generator to power a 2 group Astoria, grinder, fridge and iPad/lights.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look at? I am thinking I need a generator that outputs 4kwh if im right in thinking?


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Aug 15, 2005
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As mentioned, add up the total running watts and add around 20% to that for startup capacity. Most generators have two ratings, 1 for continuous output and the other for startup output. Kind of like a burst mode to kick things off then it settles down.
If it meets your power and budget requirements, choose an inverter generator as they are much quieter - but beware, they are typically much more expensive. Honda is the runaway market leader for this type of generator.
You might also want to consider powering the generator with propane. While providing slightly less power than gasoline, it does run quieter and can be left unused for a long time without gumming up the fuel lines/gastank like gasoline can do. You would need to buy a generator that can use propane or one which can be modified with a propane kit. You can buy a 3rd party propane kit for Honda inverter generators.
Powering an espresso machine directly with propane will dramatically reduce your electrical requirements and you could then buy a much smaller/cheaper generator. Astoria Gloria Lever or Astoria Rapallo Lever machines can be directly propane powered.
You can also get fridges that are propane powered - but not coffee grinders or ipads as far as I know :)


Nov 9, 2020
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Everything depends on how big is going to be your trailer. I guess that for a standard one 4kw will be ok, but you need to have a fuel reserve. If you want to have something bigger than you need more. I have a friend with a huge trailer that has tables inside. So he has a big 18kw standby generator on big wheels. With one tank he can work 3-4 days so it sounds good enough. The only problem is the repair cost. A 4kw generator is much cheaper to repair than a car that tailed to your trailer.
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