new here, rocky sd question/assistance please

kim meadows

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Aug 9, 2007
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hi everyone, i''m new here and to coffee

after reading up, i got a rocky sd to use with a chemex, first use of rocky using house blend willoughby beans, chemex took about 5 minutes, it was great, tried some unknown italian roast (someone got me) came out powdery, not coarse like the first time, thought maybe the beans were older or oily, they''re a bit shiny, thought i''d use a coarser grind next time, setting was 30, i can hear the burrs touching around 10, brewed in the chemex didnt turn out good

then i tried some yrgacheffe and it came out powdery again on 30 where the willoughby house blend came out nice, didn''t think it would work well in the chemex and it didn''t

i just got the rocky a few days ago, i have not done anything with it that would cause an adjustment change like this, is there anything to check on the rocky, without anything in it at 30 it hums, is there something i can try without wasting too many beans?

thank you
I don't have a Rocky, but all-in-all it is a great grinder. However, I have heard of some having problems with the burrs not being parallel to one another. This could cause serious grinding issues. Tear it down and clean it so you get a good look at the burrs. Maybe try looking at them while the grinder is running. Alot of people don't go by the numbers either. Most zero it out and take it from there. Post your question on CoffeeGeek and I'm sure you'll get alot of answers there, as that place has tons of Rocky users. Later!